Your employees should love their 401(k)s

Picture it: high engagement rates. Better retention. No admin headaches.

Marko makes that happen. It's the simple, clear, supercharged 401(k) engagement platform for employees and employers.

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Marko is the secret weapon in your HR toolbox

Here's how to make financial wellness easy and accessible.

Replaces ~10,000 redundant emails

“Where do I login again?” “How does matching work?” Marko reduces the communication and administration overhead that drags program engagement down.

Increases talent retention and acquisition

Engagement with 401k programs is critical: employees stay with a company 3+ years longer when they participate in a 401(k) plan, on average. 70% of employees say that financial stress makes them worse at their job.

Shift focus back to HR, not financial advice

Let Marko educate for you. Our industry-leading portfolio builder and 401(k) experience helps employees chart a path to long-term financial wellness.

How Marko Works

From onboarding to portfolio management, Marko handles the full lifecycle of 401(k) engagement.

Marko screenshotOur best-in-class analysis tools are built by investing OGs. Lets employees design well-diversified, risk-appropriate portfolios. Seamlessly integrates with existing employer 401(k) options.
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At home in your current toolbox

Marko is a standalone web-based platform. Nothing to install. No extended implementation process, no migrations, no learning curve. Just sign in to start boosting your employee retention and engagement.

White-labeled, PEO-friendly, provider-agnostic
Marko is branded to your company, so employees get a first-class experience directly from you. Already working with a PEO? Love it. (They spend a lot of time on benefits programs, too.) Marko also works with any 401k fund or provider.
Employee onboarding: handled
We've developed onboarding experiences that fit each employee's unique needs: new hires, experienced 401k investors, and everyone in between. Marko offers an engaging educational experience, helping employees setup their plans and build and manage high-performing 401k portfolios.

Let's work together to rock your 401k.
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Prepare for Secure Act 2.0

Your 401k enrollment numbers are about to double. Marko helps you handle the influx with ease.

"The SECURE Act 2.0, while intending to enhance retirement savings opportunities for many Americans, has inadvertently created a daunting challenge for employers and their benefits administrators. The increased complexity and evolving regulations surrounding 401k management now require a significant investment in time and resources to ensure compliance and effective plan administration."

Justin Davis
Justin Davis
Co-founder, Marko
  • Mandatory enrollment

    Starting in 2025, all employees are required to be enrolled, with mandatory contributions starting at 3%.

  • Expanded employee eligibility

    Opens up coverage for entirely new classes of employees.

  • Coming (very) soon.

    Secure Act 2.0 was signed at the end of 2022, and key provisions are already taking effect.

Employers need to be in compliance by the end of 2025.

I hate my 401(k) account. It makes my head hurt.

Anita | 41

I know I should be trying to grow my money, but investing is beyond me.

Joy | 33

There is no good advice for folks my age. My parents live in a different universe, money-wise.

Nate | 29

My 401(k) program asked me how “risk tolerant” I am. I have literally no idea what that means.

Loren | 36

Retirement has gotten...weird.

Employees are desperate for guidance that meets them where they’re at.

Pensions are long gone. The economy is shaky. The workforce right now is finding out Social Security might not be around in 20 years.

You set them up with the 401(k). Marko helps them make the most of it.